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Beautiful Apocalypse July 4, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in Uncategorized.

As followup to last night’s fireworks watching, I went out again this evening. Big show at the Balloon Park. They were supposed to have a balloon glow of about 20 ‘loons and then launch the aerial stuff. Nice, pretty, but the country club to the north of me had better (closer) stuff and somebody right across the street had some pretty amazing bottle rockets that exploded 30 ft above my head.

Loved it. The smell of gunpowder (now laying in a thick pall over the city) is wonderful. Like burning leaves, this is one of my favorite odors. It’s a good thing I’m not a pyromaniac, but then the smell of “stuff” burning can be awful. Only certain things. Leaves. Fireworks. Mesquite.

As last night, I had my mp3 player rolling. Some strange stuff came up. A lot of Civil War songs but when the city display started, “In the Hills of Shiloh” began playing. Later on, the aria out of Madame Butterfly, which always brings a tear to my eye. And the Moody Blues “watching and waiting…”

And Green Day’s “Holiday” which seems more appropriate now than when (and why) it was first popular.

But pretty fireworks, pretty music, cool night and quite enjoyable. I now return control of your TV…



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