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It’s Been One of Those Weeks July 1, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in iPad.

But aren’t they all? Want to hear me go on and on about my new iPad? I would if I could. The 32gig isn’t available. At Best Buy they have only 3G models and at the Apple Store they have, I dunno, been there and got no answer in person (I am definitely the wrong demographic to be treated as a serious customer, I know) so am waiting with terrible music while a “specialist” comes online. Only 5 calls ahead of me at least. When you’ve got a whole world to supply, Abq hardly moves the needle. But ordering it will take 10 business days–about the time I’ll be in San Diego. Great. It would sit on the doorstep for 5 days.

But mail might be the cheapest way to go since sales tax just went up today. I am not feeling charitable toward the politicos right now, so why feed them more $$ to waste?

Ah, another 15 min of my life wasted on hold listening to crappy music. The “specialist” didn’t have a clue when the next shipment would be in. Of anything, not just the iPad. Looks as if going online for this is my best bet. I wonder if I can have it sent to the post office box. Bet not.

So it looks as if it’ll be the end of the month before I get my iPad. Figures, the way things have been going.

Must get to work. Ipadless in Albuquerque…



1. kimberlywarner - July 1, 2010

*ack* How frustrating! It’ll be worth the wait though, I’m sure.

I have yet to even touch an iPad, but I’m thinkin’ Christmas present this year…

bobv451 - July 1, 2010

I believe it is worth waiting for, also. If you want one for Xmas, better start thinking about ordering it now! But maybe supply is easier where you are? 😎

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