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Crunch Time June 29, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, fantasy, iPad, westerns, writing.

Been cursing hackers for the past few days. It looks as if the computer is trojan-generator free at last.

I have been deluged with work, though. Two magazines to ferry thru the straits in the next 10 days so the printer can flip the switch on the presses. Tons of mss I had not expected for critique.

And I am woefully lax in working on what is officially titled Career Guide for Your Job in Hell. Congratulations to Sheila for coming up with the title (or close to it–I changed it a little but the basic idea is there). She wins a copy when the book is printed. Or an e-copy if she prefers.

For whatever reason, Amazon has removed God of War from its listings. So screw ’em and buy a copy online from Barnes & Noble.

Work is finished on the whodunnit intended for online sales. I need to rewrite and get artwork. Check out the iPad iBook store for my stuff, too. (iPad Day is Thursday! The Apple Core Store willing).

Too much work. Not enough time. But that’s me, not you. I’ll be posting SASS (Single Action Shooter Society) “End of Trail” photos at Jackson Lowry soon, pix compliments of Pat Rogers (and me, if any of mine came out–haven’t had time thanks to computer to even d/l them).

To work!



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