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Still June 24, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in web & computers.

having virus problems, it seems. The voice keeps telling me “Congratulations, you a winner” when it seems I have won a virus infection. Or “you’re late for dinner.” I don’t want to play game sushi which pops up in IE at random and when I don’t even have IE running.

I do so hate hackers. There must be a special hell for whoever comes up with trojan generators and all the rest. Machine back to shop early tomorrow. Excuse the lack of post.

I might resort to words you don’t know (or wish you hadn’t heard).



1. Chuck Heintzelman - June 24, 2010


Go into your control panel and uninstall programs. Look around for one that has “ad” or “contest” or something like that in the name and then Google it to double-check it’s safe to remove. Then you probably can uninstall it and it will take care of it.

Sorry I can’t be more specific. The same type of thing happened to a friend and I cannot recall the name of the program they uninstalled. Shoot me an email if you find something looking suspicious and maybe I can recall if it was the same name.

2. bobv451 - June 25, 2010

Root-kits are more pernicious than simple uninstalls will allow. I ran a different antivirus that might have taken care of it–so now I risk having the computer gurus not find anything. NTF (No Trouble Found). But this is something I’m willing to risk to get the machine 100% clean and pure as the wind-driven electron.

The only game on the machine is Half-Life and it was put on 10 months or so ago so my son could play it (for a college course yet! What *am* I paying for?) Looks cool but I haven’t had time. Tho i do like the idea that it is run by a “Steam Engine.”

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