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June 21, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in inventions, sense of wonder, web & computers.

I Can See Clearly Now

Way back in the day when I wrote Nick Carter books, I had him wearing eyeglasses that also fed him information in a heads-up display. (Which of the 8 I wrote? Can’t remember.) This was in the early ‘80s so a lot of words under the bridge since then, but I thought it was a cool idea. And now in the days of lasik surgery to reform cornea or lens or whatever they hack up and reglue, here is a solution more in keeping with what I envisioned (sorry, couldn’t help myself with that pun).

In spite of the poorly written prose (“…people who are struggle to…”) the heart of the article is good. With lasik you’re at the mercy of the eyeball doctor. With these, you can turn your glasses into binoculars or microscopes just by pushing a button. Or put in some kind of laser ranging gizmo and have it adjust automatically for tasks such as reading or working on the computer. I’m always looking up from keyboard to screen (and I have lenses ground without the bifocal line so all I need to do is tip my head in the right way to get things into focus) so this would be great if they can be developed to switch focus fast enough. Otherwise it would be like a constant roller coaster of sight.

Which might not be bad.

Toss in a heads-up display and Internet connection and you’ve replaced the Crackberry. Stuff in a Bluetooth earplug and you become your very own iPhone. And I think it’s tough driving now with everyone else on their cell phones…

Nifty technology. I want to see it in action. Yes, another pun. It’s been one of those days.



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