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Days of Curious Occurrences June 20, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in web & computers, weird news.

This one made me laugh since I know what the writer was thinking. Ah ha, got this past the censors. They have blue (cheese) balls in Italy.

Tonight tune in to see the new ABC show Scoundrels. I have no idea what the series is about but Dennis Liberty has some of his landscape paintings on display as set decoration. He’s also had his paintings similarly displayed on In Plain Sight and, I think, Breaking Bad. After you see the paintings, part of his 101 Views of the Sandias series (no apologies to Hokusai), you can watch whatever you want. I’ll let you.

Yesterday I thought my son had posted something on Twitter. I foolishly clicked on it and malware-d my computer. He deleted his Twitter account which he hadn’t used in a year and now I am coping with a persistent popup telling me to use a MS Script debugger. I can kill it 8 times as fast as I can hit the right click, then it goes away only to begin again later. My Ad-Aware and Avast don’t seem to find the cause. So, be warned. If you’re not using an account, delete it or it might get hacked and you’ll never know it. Until friends and family tell you their computer is toast.

I loved this post on booksonmars which has a limerick by Arthur C Clarke.

And this is an instructive interactive map showing migration within the USA. Whole lotta leavin’ goin’ on in LA and San Diego and a whole lotta less elbow room in Houston and Dallas. From Albq most of the emigration seems to Seattle and San Francisco. My guess is brain drain to aeronautical companies after Eclipse Aviation died and Tesla Motors screwed the state out of a lot of money and moved their plant to San Fran. I checked where my mother lives and the tiny emigration there seems to be within 25 miles or so–huge influx to Muskogee from Tahlequah? 😎

Happy Father’s Day to those of you to whom it applies.



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