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And This Is Headline News? June 15, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in conventions, food, gummint, steampunk, weird news.

I couldn’t find much news on the quake in San Diego last night but I did find this about a guy who found $58 in dog poop. Welcome tot he 24 hr news cycle where anything qualifies as news.

Been following San Diego stuff closely since I’m heading out there in just about a month for the 100th Anniversary Tom Swift Convention. A whole lot of attention has been focused on it. Roger Ebert of Webby fame has twitted and even Stan Lee has mentioned it. I’m giving a talk on writing in two different Tom Swift series, as well as intending to get a bit of sightseeing time in. The last time I saw the Zoo was in ‘80 or ‘81. I suspect it has changed some since then. The con has arranged a different tour of Balboa Park and the Coronado del Mar (and something else that I am almost superstitiously not mentioning for fear of it falling through–it’s real steampunk stuff, believe me). But the SoCal folks seem cool about ‘quakes. The one report I saw on the 5.7 earthquake was that it stopped a Padres game for a while, then they continued. Shake on, SoCalians!

An informative, if distressing lunch today. One guy is angling to become the next director at Spaceport America. He’s been in Canada for 18 months working in private aviation (his tales of the so-called Canadian miracle health system are downright frightening). Another detailed how the drug companies have pretty much cut out research on new drugs since it takes a minimum of a $1bn to get anything approved now. One major drug in Stage III approval had one participant commit suicide. The plug was pulled on the entire application and the cost to that point written off. Victory is not an option, only zero-risk allowed. Another (biz prof) talked of being asked to go to Iran and why he decided against it. Yet another’s wife is in the real estate business. Two years ago she closed one property a week. So far this year, zero. Another is going to a political cartoonists’ convention where close to half have lost their jobs as newspapers dry up and blow away. The surgeon’s story was even scarier. Fascinating people, but decidedly downbeat.

Ah, yes. I will have an autographing for God of War at Page One in Albuquerque next month. Date and time TBD. Likely a Saturday, possibly the 24th. I’ll keep you posted.

Back to the keys to produce fiction. Didn’t get as much done yesterday as I’d’ve liked so today’s got to be the day.

And I just got this for the November anthology release with my story, “The Transmogrification Ray” in it. Great fun inside (and yes I have read most of the stories–they send pdfs of the entire book out for proofing now.)



1. Mary Kay - June 15, 2010

On the other hand, all the Canadians I know, and I know a few, are quite happy with their medical system. Anecdotes, anecdotes, anecdotes…


2. charlesgramlich - June 17, 2010

I’d love to see an S&S and and S&P recovery. My favorite type of reading. At least most of the time. And it would be great for my Bitter Steel collection that just came out.

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