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Not Such A Dark Universe After All June 14, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in death, ideas, science, space.

Maybe. The phrase “heat death of the universe” has always been so evocative for me, especially after I figured out that it has mostly happened already. If the background radiation is only 3 or so degrees absolute, the universe has mostly died. But the odd construction of dark energy and dark matter has always rankled. It just doesn’t seem right. A fudge factor until better data comes along.

Although he makes nice and says that dark matter/energy will probably prevail, a prof has redone the background microwave measurements and found some significant errors in observation. Astronomy, after all, isn’t an experimental science. It’s more in line with natural science where you sit and observe and tinker with numbers off what you see. Of course, how we see is pretty sophisticated now and the equipment isn’t your basic Galileo telescope.

But what I take away from this is that dark matter/energy might not exist. This creates problems of its own, of course, but therein lies the stuff of sf ideas. I’ve been wondering if our universe might be caught in a tight tunnel between two real universes. Sort of the hairball going down the bathroom drain amid a lot of swirling water. This could give us the apparent anomalous acceleration. We’re being flushed. Harkening back to the scene in Animal House, we might not be an atom in the tiny finger of some larger being but rather the waste material being transported to some giant septic tank.

It fits.

And speaking of being flushed, I seem to have been kicked off Facebook. For the past 24 hrs I haven’t been able to log on because of “site maintenance” and I should try again in a couple hrs. Been trying, been blocked.



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