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Comin’ Into Loss Angeleees, er The Outback June 13, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, ideas, inventions, iPad, movies, sci-fi, science fiction, sense of wonder, space, writing.

Let’s hear it for the Japanese space probe.
We’ve got a chunk of asteroid to examine now. I think. This article didn’t say they had recovered the capsule but they obviously watched it all the way down the ground so they have a good notion where it is.

All the crummy SyFy Channel Saturday night movie aside, what do you think’ll be found inside (while it is beguiling to think Natasha Henstridge
might be curled up…) The age of the earth ha come into question lately and one of the more interesting ideas is that comets and other inner system visitors might have come from other stars.
If we can’t go there, at least we’ll snare postcards from Out There.

I’m rereading Tom Swift and the Cosmic Astronauts and the tale abounds with new alloys from out in the solar system. I doubt the Japanese will find any miracle metal we can’t think up already or a new isotope but it’s kinda cool thinking this might have come from the asteroid belt–or even from waaay out in space. What a story it would make having the capsule “kidnapped” and held for ransom. The entire probe has to have cost millions. What would another million mean? Not much. Mix in abos and you might have a cargo cult story, too. Not all of them, after all, are Napoleon Bonaparte.

The pressure is mounting. To get the iPad, that is. I ordered a nifty looking case today so it ought to arrive by the time I’m ready to buy the iPad itself in a couple weeks. I’m only going for the wifi version so the hack attack on the 3G doesn’t mean as much to me. So much for Apple products being immune to hackers.

No matter it is mostly AT&T’s fault.

If you’ve got an iPad look up my stuff on the iBookstore and let me know what you think. There ought to be 5 titles ready, willing and enabled for download and enjoyment.



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