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Saddle Up, Amigos June 10, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in Chain story, charity, conventions, Second Life, VIPub, westerns, writing.

I’ve been lax about posting for a couple days but it’s because so much else has been going on behind the scenes, so to speak.

First off, I am delighted at the response on items put up for the American Cancer Society auction (RFL) on Second Life. I’ll be getting in touch with the winners of some of the physical items (God of War and Genetic Menace) as well as mentoring on a story for the Chain Story project. Many thanks to Kat Alderson of Second Life for spearheading this fine event. Close to U$D1000 was raised in this one auction.

Taking care of stuff on the crummy jobs anthology. Still time to drop a title for that. It’s nearing the end of when it’d be possible to change, so…hurry hurry hurry. And the first of four Fantasy Football magazines is ready for the printer. Look for Fantasy Sports ProForecaster in a month or so on you favorite newsstand. Three more to go. Check out http://www.FootballDiehards.com if you’re into such things.

Friends from Phoenix were in town and we took in a favorite restaurant yesterday morning. And tonight Cirque du Soleil will hold a command performance of Alegria for me. Well, ok, not exactly so. I have tickets and will be gawking at the wonder of the show.

And my agent called to let me know the editor wants another western. Great. That was yesterday. Today agent calls and says editor wants another western. Great (and this is a 2nd book, so I have Nov 15 and Jan 15 deadlines on them). I hope I’m not getting boxed in like I did last year with impossible writing schedules around the holidays. It looks as if I may well be.

And then there is work on the Jackson Lowry website. I’m gearing it up and getting things ready. I think rather than the first chapter of Sonora Noose, I might write an original story or two of Marshal Mason Barker’s other adventures. Tales from Old Mesilla is a working title for the entire group of stories.



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