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PayPal to the Stars! June 7, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in contest, e-books, fantasy, ideas, sci-fi, science fiction, space, VIPub, writing.

The guy who cofounded PayPal launched his SpaceX rocket successfully.

and here

Eat your heart out, NASA. There’s a new kid on the block. And let’s hope there are a lot more soon.

And could it have been sighted as a UFO in Australia?

Last night went out to Bernalillo, had a nice dinner and then sat and watched the most violent lightning storm I’ve seen in decades. The thunder was a constant (not continual) bass rumble and some lightning spikes crossed half the sky. Of course this was watched sitting in a metal lawn chair. But good talk of ball lightning and electrocutions we have known. A fitting end to a day filled with unseasonable heat.

Sent in God of War 2 synopsis to see how it flies. One Fantasy Football mag ready for the printer. Getting everything ready on the crummy jobs anthology. Title? You got a title? Win a copy of the book if yours is selected. Talked with Scott (P) Phillips about the chances of getting it out before Bubonicon (Aug 25). Will certainly try. So much production work between then and now, though. But the title. Submit your title for a collection of fiction and nf stories of utterly gross, ghastly and funny jobs.



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