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520 Days and Counting June 3, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in Chain story, e-books, ideas, iPad, space, VIPub, writing.

Good for the Russians (well, some of them…more on that in a minute). The “good Russians” are working on a Mars mission with some tests to prepare. I think it would be better to concentrate on improved engine design but there’s no question a lot of time has to be spent in space. I’m not really sure what we know of such isolation, Antarctic tests notwithstanding. Why, it’s almost like being a writer except they will be given 2 days a week off. 😎

But bad on the son of a bitch Russian hacker trying to break into my online store (again). I had the first store hacked and left the server because of it. I moved to one specializing in hosting commercial ventures and, sure enough a couple days ago, here’s the hacker back. Same ISP as before out of Moscow. Got a security upgrade on the store but I am still miffed. More to the point, this has to be a challenge rather than anything for financial gain since there’s not much volume on my store (dammit!) But I press on valiantly. And have put up a few new items. Go on and check it out. Freebies, monthly deals for newsletter subscribers, the chain story, stuff.

Other good publishing news. Legends has been approved to put my books onto the iPad iBook store. As soon as the ISBNs are squared away, the books will start appearing (about in time for me to get an iPad and see them for myself!) I’m hyper on that.

Back to the Russian long duration experiment. What sort of hobbies could an astronaut (excuse me, there aren’t any such critters anymore–cosmonauts) indulge in? Playing games, chess, Worlds of Warcraft, skill pursuits would be obvious. Both could be played against a computer since such a small crew might not have a human opponent free of work tasks. Writing a book and reading are certainly viable with e-books furnishing a huge library (or one that could be transmitted to the ship from Earth). Gardening would be a little limited and would seem to be more in the line of work. Think of the YouTube videos a cosmonaut could create. The equipment needed now is just a computer. I think the Russians have computers now, finally forsaking the abacus. Tinkering and model building would be out of the question since anything requiring “crafts” material would be mass better spent on, oh, water, oxygen, fuel. Getting drunk and playing darts aren’t likely to be good pursuits. So what can the cosmonauts do to while away the 18 month mission without expending resources?



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