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Characters and More May 31, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in movies, science fiction, web & computers, writing.

I saw this little teaser about what made Buffy such a great character.

Joss Whedon’s reference to the “younger sister” in Night of the Comet stood out for me since I love the movie (I’ve mentioned dinner the Kenneth Knoll put on where I met Thom Eberhardt).  Back in ‘84 when it was in theatrical release, I went to see a matinee.  I was depressed and wanted pure awfulness (in the Plan 9 sense of awfulness) to perk me up.  Come on.  The movie had been rumored originally to have the title “Teenaged Comet Zombies.”  What could go wrong?  Well, it’s a decent movie and not a laugh-till-you-hurt howler.  Good characters (such as the one Whedon cites–Kelli Maroney–she’s on FB, btw), nice production values, the story is solid and…I liked it for being a good movie rather than a dumb one I could laugh at.  I’d have to wait another three years for Amazon Women On the Moon (and that one was purposefully goofy).  Those were long, depressing years, to say the least.

I think Joss Whedon dipped into some interesting characters but his Buffy is a lot more than the sum of the parts he claims were mixed together.

Back to the grind.  Alas, it looks as if the Russian hackers are trying to break into my online store again.  I seriously need somebody local who can help me with this.  Or somebody elsewhere who can do it all by the remote control magic known as the Internet.



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