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Fair(l)y Strange May 30, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, fantasy, ideas, iPad, writing.

Shows what I know. This is coming up at the end of next month.
Fairy week. For whatever reason fairies have a fascination that is undeniable. Right after Lady Cottington’s Book of Pressed Fairies came out I was talking to Brian Froud and he mentioned that the book was on the UK nonfiction bestseller’s list. He got a far-off look in his eye and said, “We Brits take our fairies seriously.”

A friend of mine, TJ Cardella, has been drawing fairies for years and years and when I wrote “On Wings of Plague” my original title was “Space Wings” and I thought of her. Flying people, etc. I opted for a different cover to keep in synch with the first of the “Space Islands” stories. Her unused cover is below. Why not let everyone see it?

The reason I’m thinking fairies is the murder mystery story I’m doing. I mentioned “Hammer and Fangs” before but it is next on my list of stuff I want to write. When completed, it’ll be on Kindle, iTunes and probably iPad as well as available through my store. Spigot is the fairy and solving crimes, well, that isn’t exactly her thing. But she gets involved in some really supernatural nastiness. It might well be true that the patrons of the vampire bar do dip fairies in guacamole and eat them. Tough world. But then Spigot is tough, too.

Today is the actual Memorial Day. Tomorrow is the celebration. Remember our veterans both days (and the rest of the year, too).



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