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Shudder Island May 27, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in fantasy, ghost towns, movies.

I took off the afternoon to go to the el cheapo theater to see Shutter Island.
I paid $1.50 and that’s about right for this one. Everyone knows the “tomato surprise” ending by now so I’m not dishing out any spoiler alerts. The movie is worth seeing for its look. Scorsese found just the right place and shot it beautifully. The acting is pretty good (and I am not a diCaprio fan) and the suspense is well done. But the conceit that the federal marshal is actually the nutjob doesn’t make for a good ending.

There are some very nicely done sfx scenes. Where diCaprio is holding his wife and she turns to ashes is visual and probably the memorable scene in the movie for me. Symbolic and all that. But there are tidbits I missed along the way. After he shoots her, does he burn down the house with her in it? She is some kind of angel/devil giving him advice (I keep thinking of Pinto’s scene in Animal House for this kind of “advice”).

And we never find out what the meaning of the Law of 4. Or lots of other things that are seemingly important and just disappear. I can’t help but think how well done a very low budget movie like Moon was compared to this, which must have been very costly.

But it is nice to see Ted Levine back on the screen. He was great in Silence of the Lambs (and such a good actor that it took me almost a season of Monk before I recognized him there).

I sit in movies like Shutter Island and think of what could be done differently. The setup for this one is such that the answer is not much. But it seems the incredible skill, sets, photography and look are all wasted. It’s ethereal, eerie, airy (ok, damp, too). Besides all that, I like lighthouses and think they are cool. (Dust off your best Freud and have at it with that flashing revelation).



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