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Deja Moo… May 24, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in conventions, sci-fi, VIPub, writing.

…the same old bull. This is making the rounds on some writers’ discussion groups. Thanks to Kevin Anderson for posting it.

This goes along with what was discussed here a while back about autographings. I remember one autographing where the same thing happened to me, only it was Jean Auel next to me.

From comments made on the group, autographings (unless your’re JK Rowling) probably don’t do a whole lot of good. Even big name authors have the zero turnout problem at times. Right now I am wondering if I ought to try some local autographings for God of War. Reaching the gamer crowd isn’t something I have tried to do in spite of the Magic, Battletech, Crimson Skies and Vor books in days gone by. At the moment, I am tending to forego the pleasure and restrict signing to Bubonicon, where I might sign, oh, one copy. And this amid 650+ fans and a room full of gamers (24 hrs a day throughout the con)

“…seated next to Mary Higgins Clark.”



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