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“The risk of accidentally creating something bad is probably low.” May 23, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in death, ideas, science, VIPub, writing.

So says the Economist in this article.

The author might know biology but doesn’t know human nature or much about statistics. Because something only has a 1 in a gazillion chance of happening doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. Just that it’s rare. As I mentioned yesterday, this technology puts life into the hands of high school students. Think infinite monkeys, typewriters and finally having one hammer out Gravity’s Rainbow. Or the Illuminati trilogy.

And open source has worked so well holding down viruses, such as the Conficker, and script kiddies and malware of all kinds. (Don’t tell me about your Macs not having viruses–I suspect there are plenty but hackers don’t get a thrill out of infecting 10% of computers when the other 90% is so much more fun…in business, government and home.)

I suppose a healthy dose of fatalism is required on this. I won’t live long enough to pay back the national debt nor is a raging manmade bacterium likely to wipe out life any time soon. Those are worries for someone else’s world.

On other fronts, I sent in Sonora Noose on Wednesday and got back the edited ms Friday! I need to get onto the changes–this is easily the quickest turnaround I have ever had on any ms. And Tuesday is the official release date for God of War. Amazon still has the 32% discount but for how long? This is a pre-release price, so hurry on over. Or if you are so inclined, check out the Kindle edition (and try some of my other books there, too!)

Hitting the line on the Fantasy Football work, too. The days are just packed, unfortunately not in the Calvin and Hobbes sense.



1. Marshall Morin - May 27, 2010

Hah I am really the first comment to your incredible article?!?

2. bobv451 - May 27, 2010

Looks like you are. The world is mostly invisible to most of us–which is what fascinates me (I have to wonder at everything I am missing).

3. Alexandria Singer - May 31, 2010

robertvardeman.wordpress.com’s done it once again! Superb article!

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