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Orbs…All In Your Head? May 20, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in ideas, science, writing.

I find this article to be a bit puzzling about ball lighting and how it probably doesn’t exist, except in your head. My take on the article is that the high magnetic field caused by lightning creates the phosphene–an image in your brain.

The possibility of a lightning storm creating camouflage for itself is peculiar, to say the least. Lightning beings messing with your mind? Trying to hide what they’re really doing?

If cell phones don’t cause brain cancer but sudden intense magnetic fields make you see things, might not a low-grade magnetic field (the cell phone) cause you to have low-grade hallucinations? The former is a spike. Intense. Sudden. The latter is a buildup over minutes or hours.

I’m always amazed at what we don’t see in the world around us (or even never suspect), but this is something beyond mere mirage. Good buddy Scott loves to investigate orbs and how they are caused by optical aberration in camera lenses. Maybe some orbs are a lesser phenomenon phosphene?

When the world is finally fully wifi’d, will hallucinations increase? What image will be created by those stray magnetic fields oscillating in your brain? A world of psychedelia without the drugs.

And people wonder where the ideas come from. What people you might ask? Why those hiding just around the corner and in the hallway and downstairs and…



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