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The Palm to Forehead Moment May 15, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in ideas, writing.

Everyone has this moment when the answer is suddenly clear. I like to think it happens to writers more often than other people. So sue me. The exact mechanism in the brain is rather curious.

But not unexpected. The question that had been asked was if this revelation came slowly or suddenly. The answer is suddenly, as you might think. This strikes me as evolutionarily sound. You see a problem, you solve it. Finding the proper plot twist can be a week’s work but figuring out how to escape a rather hungry sabertooth tiger isn’t something to ponder. A solution had better come–fast.

I am always amazed (and sometimes bemused) at how an answer can come to me in the morning that eluded me the night before. Those pesky neurons are forging new paths and something finally plugs in. Not slowly but fast. Something half heard might trigger it or the dream mechanisms kick in. This morning I woke up wondering why voters should wear life preservers. Turned out this was a partially heard PSA about boaters needing life preservers, but in this day and age you gotta wonder what a voter’s life preserver would be like…fill in your own punch line.

I am currently not in need of sudden revelation, the ah-ha! moment, the devastatingly clever plot twist. Rather I am in a lull where I need to tidy up rather than innovate. The western draft is completed. I have notes on God of War 2 to look over. I have a new story ready to go up on iTunes and Kindle (and my store, of course) and am generally clearing the decks for the next big gout of writing where the ah-ha! has to be there.

But right now, it’s kinda nice not to have my neurons retasking themselves. I’ll get back to you on that voter’s life preserver.



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