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Obsoleted May 9, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in nostalgia, web & computers.

I came across this website and was enthralled by the list of so-called obsolete skills.  I was also a bit appalled to see so many of the things I do listed.

I wind my cuckoo clock every 3 or 4 days.  How can it be obsolete when I can listen to the itty bitty birdy race out and chirp the hour?  This isn’t obsolete, it’s stark pleasure!  And occasionally I need to adjust the pendulum arc…right now it runs about a half hour fast by the time I wind it.

And the stuff about WordPerfect 4.2 and 5.x for DOS.  I still use WordPerfect for about the reasons stated in the writeup.  I can get rid of weird commands that are impervious to removal in Word (what the site calls “underwater code.”)

Backing up a PC using QIC-40 tapes?  I’ve got a stack of those tapes, even if I have long since gotten rid of the computer with the backup in it.  It is my opinion all backup systems suck, but this one was worse than most.  But it left a warm feeling after running the backup routine, knowing if anything happened it would be ready to replace (I lost some files once and, well, backing up took longer than if I’d plunked down and rewritten the files from scratch).

A lot of fannish skills are tossed into this mix.  Cutting stencils, using the blue stuff to erase mistakes.  Running a Gestetner.  The IBM ball typewriter had the single best keyboard of any machine I’ve ever typed on.  Period.  I wish I could get one (with the function keys added–down the left side where they belong–and I could once more type all night long).  But changing ribbon on typewriters…I still do that for my mother every time I go to visit her.  Finding the ribbons has gotten harder but this is the digital age and everything is online
But I really must object to one obsolete skill listed.  Sword fighting?  Take that, John Carter!  Back, Conan, away!

The only thing missing on this list of obsolete things was…me.  So far.



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