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On this day in 2000 May 3, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in geocaching, hobby, writing.

The first geocache was placed and now there are 800k of them worldwide.

I haven’t been too successful in my geocaching lately. I tried for a multi-cache a few weeks ago and couldn’t get the first stage. And before that I’d located the area but not the cache–some of the hints said things like “the plate was so heavy I could barely pick it up.” I might as well have been on a different planet since I saw nothing to make that the least bit likely. And for the past week it has been so cold I could only sit at home and shiver (froze 3 nights running, high of 40 yesterday–inside the house it surged to almost 60 yesterday. I turned my furnace off last week and have had to depend on two cats for warmth.)

A new cache has been placed in an arroyo not far form me. Sometime this week I intend to try for it since it shouldn’t take more than an hr. I need to get out since I’ve been cooped up so much. However, I am getting work done. A rewrite on the second book in the After the Spell Wars trilogy is about half completed. The first of the fantasy football articles has already slid through my computer. I still need to do a blurb for an anthology. And I have added 2 more books to my online store, with more to come. (And metatags. I need to start putting in metatags to sate the google and yahoo hunger bots.)

I intend to do some more work on In the Sea Nymph’s Lair and then return to Sonora Noose this evening. I usually don’t work on two books at the same time but ISNL is a rewrite and I want it done quickly to get it into the production queue. I hit a spot in Sonora Noose where I needed to think over the situation. I have sufficiently thought and so it’s time to write once more.

Which I will do now. But 800,000 caches? And I’ve barely on my way to 200!



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