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Listen! April 25, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in Second Life, web & computers, writing.

I have a podcast today in Second Life at 1PM PDT.
Listen here http://moto.slserver.com:8020/listen.pls
or here http://radioriel.blogspot.com/

Y’all eavesdrop, ya hear?



1. kimberlywarner - April 25, 2010

Hey – great to put a voice with the name! Enjoyed listening to the podcast. Interesting comments about writers being mostly introverts. I can certainly relate to that. Must be why engineer types turn towards writing – another trade wherein you can do your work solo and love it. 🙂

BTW – took your advise and moved my blog over to WordPress. Once I messed with it awhile (and looked at some of the how-to), I like it pretty well. People really like being able to subscribe to it and not have to go to the webpage regularly. (kimberlywarner.wordpress.com)

Re: Sonora Noose character… If you haven’t already “winged it” (wung it?) and Sonora Noose doesn’t need a librarian, I could always be the lady who runs the boarding house, or perhaps a horse wrangler. Your choice basically – would just prefer to be a “good girl” as opposed to a “bad girl”. 😛

Take care – have fun “decompressing” somewhere!

2. bobv451 - April 25, 2010

Thanks for dropping in–a lot of technology for me to master. Sort of juggling chainsaws but it came off very well thanks to a lot of knowledgeable folks helping out.

Will check out your blog.

I’m about half done with SN. I made mention of Miz Warner who helps out at church socials and is something of a gossip. But in a nice way I’ll see what shows up in boardinghouse or library (not likely) or whatever. But you weren’t cast as a “bad girl.

FWIW, Marshal Dravecky just showed up and locked horns with the stalwart hero over jurisdiction. But he’s a good guy and Deppity Marshal Barker has bigger fish to fry than keeping Mesilla lawabiding.

3. kimberlywarner - April 25, 2010

Wahlll, who went and made that Dravecky a Marshall of all things?!? Land sakes! 🙂

Whatever you do with Miz Warner is jes’ fine!

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