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Of Time Travellers and Online Stores April 23, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in ideas, sci-fi, sense of wonder, VIPub, writing.

There’s no telling what a day will bring (as Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes fame remarked “The days are just packed.“)

The purported time traveller photo is a wonderful starting point. You want ideas for a story, here’s a nifty one. I generally don’t like time travel stories, in spite of writing them (such as “Timeless Lisa” in Timeshares) but this photo sparks all kinds of questions. The analysis pretty much shows the clothing is all 1940s but looks as if it could be modern. What I find most interesting is that he is so unusually dressed. Look at ‘40s (and ‘50s) men. Hats. Suits. My grandfather insisted on putting on a white shirt before the ambulance came to take him to the hospital because he was having a heart attack. Times were different. But this guy stands out then, but not now. Why?

It would seem to me a real time traveller would have all kinds of recording devices hidden in period equipment. And, as has been pointed out, this was a bridge dedication on a bridge that didn’t seem to collapse or do anything interesting. But what’s interesting to us might not be personally. As in timeshares, there are a lot of reasons to travel back. Maybe the bridge had personal meaning–his grandparents met on this bridge. It was the crowing achievement in a man’s life. The bridge somehow had a future that we haven’t seen yet.

All questions that can be asked, just as I am asking the questions about getting my online store up and running. I have a big, fat manual but it doesn’t answer questions. It points out “this is the main header” and goes on to say it can be changed easily but doesn’t say how. The program files are a plumber’s nightmare with dozens given the same name but put in different subfolders. Is there a comprehensive listing out there of what the files mean and where to find the stuff that has to be changed using Dreamweaver or some other html/php editor? Please? I am reminded of the days when I used Wordstar. Terrible manual with no rhyme or reason for where the info was placed, but it was there if you only looked. I’ve got e-Start Your Web Store with Zen Cart and it really doesn’t have “all the information, somewhere.”

But it’s all part of an ordinary day with VIPub. Got to get those ideas, got to think about them, got to sell what I’ve written.

Tomorrow maybe the FabLabAbq open house.



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