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On Target April 22, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, inventions, iPad, VIPub, writing.

Mike Stackpole said last night that he thought 2012 would be the date when the traditional publisher business model would collapse under its own weight. It might happen much faster. Until now e-readers were online purchases. The Nook was a bit different but never seems (to me) to have gotten the traction that the Sony e-reader and the Kindle have.

But the iPhone, when it goes to the new OS4.0 to allow access to the iBookstore will shake things up. And the iPad is a game changer for ebook reading. Now Kindle has made the move. Target is like Wally-world, only supposedly a step up. They already sell the Sony line of ereaders so this isn’t such a shift for them. Starting Sunday, Target will sell the Kindle.

We who live online might find this a “so what?” bit of news but a lot of people will be able to fondle the Kindle in the real world in real time. Sales might not be brisk but they are reaching a different portion of the population. They’re widening the appeal of the Kindle.

And I suspect the move was made, not to complete with Nook or Sony or Palm but because of Apple.

Apple’s profits for the last quarter were up 90% yty. They have almost no debt and are sitting on an ocean of benjamins (old, new it doesn’t matter). A purchase of another company would seem likely. Twitter? That would seem to be a fit with the iPhone. Something else? Whatever is done, Apple’s cart will keep rolling–and driving events like Kindle going to a major retailer like Target.



1. finnegan flawnt - April 24, 2010

i don’t think the kindle is the real threat here. it is just another device for consumption by the more privileged. it does not real connect to the values of the generation Y or generation Z. i have tested this a lot with students…and it has convinced me (an old gadget hound) not to get a kindle (the other reason is that i tend to sit on my books). enjoying your blog, bob!

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