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All Thieves Day April 15, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, gummint, iPad, Second Life, VIPub, westerns, writing.

Not as cool as St Swithins Day or St Anselm’s Day (though April 15 has much in common with St Anselm) but it only comes once a year. Oh, wait, I forgot. It comes every day, only not so graphic. Tax we must.

I have been scurrying about Doing Things, like my taxes. Filled out a phone book thick sheaf of forms for another transfer of wealth and been working to set up a new online store. My first, if you remember, was hacked and my long-suffering webhost Leif was loath to keep it up because of the security problems for his server. I appreciate all he’s done for me and certainly cannot blame him for his concern so I have moved (or am in the process of moving) to a separate host. Got the domain name (www.RobertEVardeman.com) and put in the name server info this morning. It’ll take a while to get everything back up but I will. I’ll have up Scott Phillips’ Unsafe on Any Screen in ePub format or you can buy it right now off Amazon in print. Nifty, funny stuff.

And I will begin putting up a lot of other stuff, mine and others. It’s a new dawn, gang. Digital Dawn, you might say. Definitely one of Vertically Integrated Publishing (VIPub) and this is part of it–the part where you keep me alive by buying stories and novels. Until my store is working again, consider both iPhone and Kindle, not that my stories there will go away–and, if things progress well, also on the iPad.

I had intended to ride a western trail today with comments about the book I’m working on, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Right now, I need to figure out how to keep from being bald in Second Life (I installed the new program and it stole my rug…) Have an interview and podcast coming up in SL on the 25th. More on this as I get closer…omg, that’s only ten days!

And only 364 days until April 15 rolls around again. Time–and money–flies.



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