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Remembering the Future April 3, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in VIPub, writing.

That was this article’s title and it sheds light on why people think the way they do. When things go well, there’s no need to “remember the future” in the sense of constructing worst case scenarios. Going good=survival. Going different=oops.

From an “idea for a story” standpoint, this article has a lot to recommend it. What if this mechanism got out of synch and you responded the same way to familiar (ie, non-threatening) stimuli as you do to new? Talk about a constant adrenaline rush. Flipped the other way, how long would you last if you treated all new stimuli as old and familiar? Can these features be artificially augments and would that be an improvement? I’m thinking of a story like Deathworld which posits an ever-changing, evolving jungle always filled with new menace. How long before you simply wear out (and wouldn’t this be a reason to mute the response in such an extreme environment–or would the danger simply overwhelm you if you let down your guard for an instant?)

Work today goes toward synopsis on God of War 2 and getting a short story prepped and off to Legends for inclusion as a freebie to show off the new LegendMaster software. As always, the artwork is my problem. The story and everything around it is done.

Now for me to try and remember where I left my car keys, much less my future…



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