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Ah, Sweet Mystery… April 2, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in iPad, movies, writing.

…of SF films we’ve hardly heard about.  I found this at a new website (new to me) that looks to be infinitely amusing, full of weird stuff and not a little bit of titillation.  (Check out the 50 sexy sf costumes link at the bottom–I did)

Splice looks interesting since it is from Cube’s writer/director.  Once you find a strange, wonderful movie, always check out later work by same.  Not always good but whatever appealed before is likely still lurking.  Unless you’re talking about M Night Ramalamadingdong, of course.  With him you can argue endlessly if he is getting constantly worse of if Lady in the Water was worse than the Happening.  As much as I loathed lady in the Water, The Happening was worse for a lot of reasons.  And, wow, I can hardly waaaaaait for The Last Airbender.

I’m going to “release the kraken” sometime next week, 3D gods willing.  Mostly I am anticipating Inception (see comments about writer/directors–Chris Nolan could do the label off his T-shirt and it’d likely be fascinating).

Pushing forward with synopsis on God of War 2.  Angling to make time to get “Me and Mr. Jones” ready for the iPad–tomorrow would be an appropriate day since this is the iPad release day.  Nothing else writing-wise in the works since GoW2 alone makes for a full plate.

And I did see the squib about how Twitter determines box office success more than stuffy critics pontificating.  I wonder if it is true, but even considering it is a sign how the digital world envelopes (enshrouds?) us all now.



1. Charles Vane - April 2, 2010

Fun geek site. But what’s with that top 50 list? How could they leave off Emma Peel’s various Holy (pun intended) black-leather outfits!

2. bobv451 - April 2, 2010

You are so right. No “Rigger-Digger” costume mentioned? Or the spiked dog collar and corset from the episode banned from broadcast TV in the US? A crime? No, a sin of omission!

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