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If April Showers… April 1, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in iPad, movies, science, space, westerns, writing.

…bring may flowers, what do may flowers bring? Pilgrims, of course. Happy April Fool’s day, or as it’s known, only 2 weeks until the IRS drains your bank account a bit more. Makes you wonder who the real April fools are. (Speaking of April Fools, has this Jack Lemmon movie ever been released on DVD?)

I came across this article with the photo of Mimas and fell in love with it. Death Star, indeed. Or Pac-Man. Ha. Go, Cassini Probe, go!

Sent in the western since it was due today. Another to go but first work on God of War 2. I was looking at YouTube yesterday and the server was down most of the day, or at least the times I tried looking. What’s up there? New interface?

Seeing more and more about the iPad and the nifty apps that’ll show up once it’s released. Word from Legends is that we ought to get our books up there soon. Like the Kindle, iBookStore will be taking small indie stuff, if a provider the size of Legends can be considered small. I don’t know if I will go over to the Apple Store on April 3 to see the iPad but sometime soon. With tax considerations shuffled into the mix, it’ll be after my new fiscal year starts on July 1 that I can get one. Faunch. Faunch.

Lots of catching up still to do after the Ren Faire trip. And some “think time” needed to develop new projects. After all, I start looking like a prune if I stand under the shower too long. Besides, this is another dry year in Abq. Usually we get 1.5″ of rain by now and have only recorded 1.25″. I figure we are about halfway through our recurring 8-yr drought cycle.

But the drought must not touch the gushing river of ideas.



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