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Whip It March 30, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in fantasy, movies & TV, writing.

Back from Phoenix and the AZ Renaissance Faire, which is over. The performers have moved on, many to Scarborough Faire outside Waxahatchie, TX. The trip was fun and the day spent autographing at the Ren Faire was…different.

Usually, I wander about and catch the acts. This time I saw Don Juan and Miguel’s opening act, which didn’t go too well. Strange glitches (more on this later). The rest of the day I parked outside Lady Chamberlain’s Book Store with Mike Stackpole autographing, which went very well. Ann Chamberlain is an author of fine fantasy herself, so we were certainly treated well. But the day was curiously cold and decidedly windy.

Afterward, the faire shut down and we went to an after-show getogether of many of the headliners. Very odd seeing them out of costume and out of on-stage persona. Did find out that Esmeralda (Don Juan’s, aka Jose Granados, daughter) was on the Ellen Show in January. Here’s the YouTube clip. Her whip demonstration starts around 2:15

What fascinated me was that all of them had a peculiar day onstage. Timing was off or the wind or the sun or something gave them all “stories to tell.” Dexter Tripp’s was perhaps the scariest since he was juggling a running chain when he chocked on a cough drop. He coughed it out somewhere into the 2nd row of onlookers as he kept juggling. Yikes. Don Juan cut his own nose with his whip. The knights jousting had a time of it.

But the show(s) went on.

Picture of Mike and me at autographing. I think I will make a promise never to be in another picture.



1. Kip W - March 31, 2010

Back in the day, Saturday Night Live had a sketch about a live 50s western with a hero who was a master of the bullwhip. Sadly, the star was indisposed that week, but (an opening announcement tells us) another actor graciously agreed to step in. So the replacement actor is doing his best, but his knowledge of whips and whipping is less than perfect, and there’s the part where a bumptious heavy (Chris Farley) has to come in and get a comeuppance from the inept sub, and he knows what’s coming. “Haw haw,” he says querulously, “g-guess I’ll smoke me a c-cigarette now…”

We’ll draw the curtain on the scene. Years earlier, in the days when drawing superhero comics was a social pastime, one of my friends had come up with a design for a superdoer whose power was the virtuoso knowledge and use of whips. He was stuck for a name. Whipmaster? Whip something? “Jack the Whipper,” I suggested. He never mentioned the character again.

2. bobv451 - March 31, 2010

Did the cowboy star dress all in black? It might have been Lash LaRue. He was a favorite of mine since he was so different from the other good guy cowboys who’d shoot the six-guns out of the bad guy’s hands (even then I knew better). But to get a whip wrapped around your gun hand…

3. Kip W - March 31, 2010

We’re talking fiction here. The whole thing was a made-up sketch.

4. bobv451 - April 1, 2010

Whatever could I have been thinking? Lash LaRue was real!

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