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Robots, Robots… March 29, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in inventions, robot rights, science, sense of wonder, writing.

…everywhere. And in the good sense, not the robot taking over the world and using our body fat for lubricant type of robot. I saw this and was amazed at how far advanced these things are. And also amazed at how the surgeons using them consider us to be lagging. Of course we are because progress is never enough for such things, but part of it caught my attention.

The haptic part is something I used in stories twenty years and more ago. Check out Alien Death Fleet and subsequent titles in that trilogy. I also used the idea extensively in another book that never saw the light of published day, Xander In Lost Universe”Cosmic Lens, which is about the same era. The tactile feedback is what is lacking in things like the virtual keyboard. Tapping a screen to text just isn’t the same as feeling the keys sink and rebound. Of course, surgery via telepresence would get a huge boost if the surgeon put on gloves and felt what’s going on.

Reach out and touch someone could have a whole new dimension added to it. Remember how the VCR came to flourish. With a 3D webcam, a haptic glove (or suit) can make our society become really agoraphobic.

Back from my Arizona trip real time tomorrow. Rarin’ to get to work.



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