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It’s a Weakness March 28, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in movies & TV.

Hollywood Video is biting the big one (all except one store somewhere on the other side of the Moon) and is selling off fixtures as well as all the wondrous DVDs they rented. I hit their sale at the 3/$12 range. It’s down to 3/$10 now but…

I picked up some movies I thought looked interesting. John Cusak used to do some fun stuff but lately hasn’t (see the blog on 2012 for an exception, though he really wasn’t the star). High Fidelity is a wonderful movie, as is Better off Dead. Others abound but in the past 10 yrs or so he has been sliding into oblivion on my radar screen. But War, Inc was billed as comedy and had some good people in it. OMG. I had to look at the DVD case a couple times to remind myself this was a comedy. Not even a chuckle or a smile out of this one. Maybe a wince, but that doesn’t count. To be charitable, maybe it was because it was a Hilary Duff movie that it was so bad? Cusak did nothing with his role, though, and he produced this so…

Another thriller looked good. It wasn’t. I bought 3 that I will use as Xmas gifts to offend and croggle since they are obviously so bad (I once gave a friend the Carnie Wilson Stomach staple video, vol 11. I think it was the vol 11 that spoke to me, tho the earlier 10 tapes were not in evidence. Guess they just flew off the shelves.)

But I also picked up 4 of the 6 volumes of the first season of Veronica Mars. Wonderful. I am yet again amazed at the clever dialogue, the sharp writing, the plot twists and overall look and fell of the show. Well acted, Veronica Mars is like a snarky Nancy Drew. Although I should have been working, I have already watched all the eps. Granted I took long lunch breaks (an entire hr, or 45 min or whatever an episode runs) was common. Now I find myself wanting more but not sure I want to spring real money for something I’d likely watch only once. Especially when I heard that season 4 of Have Gun, Will Travel is now out. Those I watch over and over.

Now that’s a journey, from Neptune High to Wire Paladin, San Francisco. But such a fun journey.



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