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Fighting the Letdown March 23, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in writing.

The past year or so has been incredibly hectic for me. Projects zip past and don’t actually number more than they did, say, twenty years ago, but the pressure comes in doing so much more that isn’t strictly butt-in-chair writing. This blog, MySpace and Facebook, maintaining the website (if you can even call it “maintenance”), dropping in at Second Life now and then–all are additional demands on my time. And in the past I did very few short stories and no editing. All that has changed.

When I finish a book, there is a sense of relief and, yes, abandonment. The story is told. Nothing more should be done, otherwise I’d sit and fiddle endlessly. The end. El fin. The emotional high is deflated and in days of yore I could decompress and let the brain go freewheeling. A few days of not writing, of not being involved and then the pressures would mount again that I had to do…something. Picking and choosing what’s next is always fun and even exhilarating. So what’s changed?

There is no downtime now. The deadlines come too close and the aforementioned blogging and all the rest need doing. Taxes had to be completed Other marketing concerns crop up. Maybe not too time consuming but a half hr here and there and soon enough what has to be done is finished. This week is especially bad since I am taking off 4 days to drive to Phoenix. No writing. Call it downtime? Can’t. Mss for critique never stop and I can’t control their number. Put off doing them this week, there is at least 2x that next week, so falling behind is not an option. I began work on my short story for the crappy jobs anthology. Editing has begun on the other stories and still more publication/printing details need to be worked out. Two book deadlines loom. Both are important in different ways. Sonora Noose is the launch of a new pen name and God of War 2 is big time tie-in.

No rest for the wicked because the deadline freight train is roaring down the tracks where, like Pauline, I am securely tied

The punch line of a joke keeps coming back to me. “What? And leave show business?” But I wish I could recharge my batteries and simply veg out for a few days in “celebration” of finishing the other western last weekend.

Lemme see. Finish “Avian Evisceration Device” today, get the ball rolling on a new Kindle submission, and that story I promised to go along with Legend Maker containing elaborate illos and drop caps needs to be done ASAP and notes need to be taken on GoW2 while not forgetting the new mss for critique that flop in both hardcopy and electronically and…

Never leave show business. Love it.



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