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Wheel: Reinventing It March 22, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, iPad, sci-fi, science fiction, VIPub, writing.

I’ve been swapping emails with Steve Sullivan my erstwhile publisher of Stories from Desert Bob’s Reptile Ranch about promotion, getting readers to our work, in short everything Mike Stackpole and I have been talking about in regard to VIPub (Vertically Integrated Publishing).

It hit me this is reinventing the wheel. Or maybe rediscovering truths of the publishing world. Everything being said has an eerie deja vu feeling to it. The problem with writing is our isolation. In the era of huge unemployment, are there people out there looking at all those lambs (writers) waiting to be flocked? I mean, other than in the gummint, of course? We need PR people but not to get us autographing gigs (we’ve been over that in an earlier blog) but to consolidate web access, maintain online stores (you’ve heard my woes in that regard, damn you hackers to hell), to promote and advertise in a digital world, to get artists and writers together to produce ebooks for a changing environment (the iPad is going to look different from the iPhone icon and the b&w Kindle), to do stuff writers can do but who are more expert at it. The best way to make a genius mediocre is to make him do everything. We all have expertise. Writers ought to write, promoters ought to promote, arrangers ought to get nifty artists together with writers.

Is there a big enough pie for anyone to pick up the gauntlet and charge full speed into the enemy metaphor?

Back at WFC Mike and I had several long talks with William Wu. It occurred to me along the way how we (writers) need someone in China to translate our work, put up our work on Chinese websites and generally act as a conduit to a difficult, bureaucratic gummint strangled market–but with the number of iPhones sold and the potential for expansion, there should be enough money to go around. Same with India. There seems to be a decent market for sf in Russia. What could be done there?

Starting work co-editing the crappy jobs anthology with Scott Phillips. Look for it in a few months (and I need to get cracking on my story, “Avian Evisceration Device”)

“I would rather be Frederick Faust than F Scott Fitzgerald”…Robert E. Vardeman



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