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Happiness is a Squishy Cephalopod March 21, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in education, movies & TV, science, steampunk, weird news, writing.

The title, of course, is the wonderful Lio collection by cartoonist Mark Tatulli. This is probably my favorite cartoon now–it’s not Calvin & Hobbes or Far Side, but then what is or ever was? But what sparked the title was this about octopoids preferring HD TV to mere standard def TV. How such things are even thought of to be determined is always at the back of my mind, but what critter wouldn’t prefer that 42″ set to a mere 26″? Would they like a show on the order of Gilligan’s Island? Sea Hunt? Probably not since that was in b&w. How would the ‘poid think of a show about flying? Would that ‘poid lust after Penny on Sky King? Want Blue Thunder to zoom around in? Or would that be any kind of a thrill? They are, after all, creatures used to living in 3D unlike us who have to struggle mostly with 2D and only occasionally and artificially expand into that extra spatial dimension.

Has the researcher sought out ‘poid pron? Is there a chance for an American Idol for the octopus set? What would an octopus soap opera be like? Think of all the monster movies with critters with tentacles pulling down ships–those might be ‘poid comedies. Cheers could go up as the octopus wraps itself around the Nautilus as James Mason struggles to electrify the hull. Steampunk ‘poids.

May whoever or whatever experiments on us give us HDTV, too. Or…have they?



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