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Let It Snow… March 20, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in dinosaurs, science, sense of wonder, weird news, westerns, writing.

First day of spring, a foot of snow closed the road from Ab. to Tucumcari. I went out to the Conspiracy Brew meeting this morning and it was snowing. Global warming? Nay, Fimbul winter! It’s almost noon and has only warmed up to 31. That’s Fahrenheit, of course. And yes, it is still snowing.

I hope the roads are clear in a week when I’m off to Phoenix (they weren’t this morning–road from Gallup to the AZ border was closed due to snow)

But there are pretty things in the world revolving around snow and things icy. I saw that a solid black penguin had been discovered. Really black tie kind of guy, I suppose. But this is kinda cool in a lot of ways. A blood-red waterfall in the Antarctic. The reason? This is water from a 2 million year old trapped lake with microorganisms from that era. But the red comes from the iron in the hyper-saline water. The instant it hits air, it rusts. The little bug critters are anaerobic and live off sulfur. Real otherworld stuff here.

Time to hit the keys. Within 20 pps of finishing the western. Not as close as I would have liked but close enough to finish today. Then to mss critiques and tomorrow, alas, taxes. I am allocating the entire day for that. Maybe tomorrow and Monday. All I can hope is that I won’t be due a refund from the state since the new budget has already failed, after only 2 weeks, by the tune of $100m. No money in the state piggy bank. At all. And the drain got wider thanks to the way the special session tried to raise taxes on things that nobody really has to pay taxes on, if they are clever (eg, the 75cent/pack sin tax on cigarettes. The rez smoke shops don’t have to pay it–they either increase market share by not raising their prices or increase their profits by raising almost that much–either way, the tax increase does nothing for the state.)

Who is this John Galt fellow they keep talking about? Oh, yeah.

Punch that key, brand that book…rawhide!



1. Martha Skye Martin - March 20, 2010

Very cool stuff you find to share. I’ve been extremely wicked and haven’t blogged for weeks (?).

John Galt. Gotta love him! Wonder what you’re going to say about the vote tomorrow.

Enjoy GW at its finest, beautiful weather here in CA.

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