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Night of the Corned Beef March 18, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in food, movies, science fiction, web & computers, writing.

Occasionally I luck into meeting people who are incredibly interesting. I was invited to a getogether on St Paddy’s Day that included not only such interesting folks but a fabulous corned beef and cabbage dinner, to boot.

I usually cringe when “arts” is mentioned since this usually means academics who spend all their time criticizing it. These people weren’t critics but instead do. Writers, both novel and script, movie producers and directors, actors and a concert pianist (who tried to stump me with “Have you ever seen the movie Cube?” Of course I have. And its sequel Hypercube but not its prequel!)

Among the group was Thom Eberhardt, who seemed mildly surprised when he mentioned that he had written and directed Night of the Comet and I gushed on about how much I love the movie. Hearing how it was done for $500k when the studios were sure it was a $4m production was nice but how he shot the empty streets was downright intriguing. And he had seen the Cray 1 at Digital productions back in the day when Gordon Garb worked there. Thom was impressed with the computer–I was awed at the motor generator needed to power it. We were both sure at the time) that the sfx done for Last Starfighter would stand up for a long time. In a way, they have (check out the stars–those are Gordon’s. Topnotch stars.)

Among the group was a guy working on a novel about the Mormons and the Edmunds-Tucker Act. This is a fertile area for novels, to say the least, if you’re into different western fiction (different other than gunfights at the OK Corral).

Our host, Kenneth Knoll, is currently editing a series of interviews done by Bridget Kelly in Santa Fe with a small legion of filmmakers. He said they’ll be posted on YouTube.

And now it is time for me to get to work. A stack of mss finished yesterday and many pages left in the western to write today.



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