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Slug Mucous March 13, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in death, sense of wonder, weird news, writing.

Slug Mucous

A tiny snippet of “news” or what passes for it showed up in the paper this morning. No details given but a religious cult in Miami, FL apparently ingests snail mucous. Not sure why and the article didn’t say, but the ingestion cause a weird knot to form in the stomach. Imagine that.

Consider this an alien cult or aliens come to earth to lick, I dunno, frogs. How ever do you try that the first time, anyway?

The interaction could be something like humans maintaining Lourdes for the aliens. Makes more sense than they’ve come here to drink our water and mate with our women.

The world is much stranger than we can imagine. And therein lies the fun.

(Cover up on God of War. Spiffy!)



1. Kim Warner - March 13, 2010

It *is* a spiffy cover – and I really like the font. 🙂

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