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I’d Like to See You in 3D… March 10, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in movies & TV, web & computers.

…that’s my hotel room. ?Sorry, an old joke. But I came across this about 3D televisions coming onto the market this month. About $4k or so but this (and memory has faded) isn’t too much different from the early HD big screen sets. As more people buy these, the price will drop. Competition will further drive down the price.

I’m not sure I want a 3D, but then my TV is still a dinky little thing measuring less than a yard diagonal. I like the cabinet it is in and actually chose the set to fit rather than replace the cabinet. Shows what I think about TV, I suppose.

But I read this article and it occurred to me that the iPad might be able to do an app giving 3D vision. It’s all digital, after all. How hard could it be to see Avatar on your iPad, given the right app? Such an app would certainly benefit the major studios turning out 3D movies since, until more 3D TV sets come out, sales of 3D DVDs will be, well, zero.

The iPad can be a real world changer, given enough time and effort. I suspect Apple is on top of this, though I haven’t heard. Now all I need to know is the availability of a case that will absorb shock when I drop it, clumsy man that I am. (I trashed a really good calculator a couple weeks ago, knocking it off the desk to the floor. I watched it go as if it were in slow motion, it hit and I knew it was ruined without even turning it on. I did anyway–the error msg shows up all the time and the top row of LED elements are all gone, making some numbers a bit, well, estimates.)

So, give me that app and let me skip getting the big TV (not that I would, anyway–why bother when I could buy 5 iPads for the price of one 3D TV?)

Got my chain story story done. Went through the first story (Axel Howerton’s) for the crappy jobs anthology last night and sent it along to Scott Phillips. Need to do a couple mss and then back to real writing (and somewhere during the day pick up my car from the garage–no, not new damage. Just a checkup, oil, belts, stuff like that, being ok’d for the Ren Faire trip.)



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