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A Modest (Wiki) Proposal March 4, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, science fiction, sense of wonder, space, VIPub, wiki-book, writing.

If you check the prior blog on Ingrams, one link is to their chief content officer (or whatever) saying that the e-book is dead. Great hook, great title. Got me to look. And he’s right. As currently produced, the e-book is only a carbon copy of a print book. This is the digital world, gang. The Encarta is dead, the Wikipedia lives!

As such, I am going to venture forth into a strange and probably wonderful land with this project. More than 13 years ago, Geo Proctor and I started an sf novel. He developed cancer before he could work on it but I still have the first draft I wrote. Pretty good stuff. You can see the teaser Geo did for it here.

Martin Cameron
had tossed out some visual ideas but never got around to doing more because Geo was the artist guru.

If e-books are dead because they are mere shadows of dead tree books, let’s turn this around and make Forge of the Stars into a wiki book. Here’s what I’m thinking. I’ll do a more polished rewrite. This will take some time since I have a lot of other work on my plate right now. But that’s ok since this gives you time to decide if this is what you’ll want to do. From you? Artwork to incorporate into the story. Can you do a YouTube video we can link to? Maps? Ecology? Short stories about characters in the story? History? Essays? Photos? Blueprints? Actual scientific justification for the goshwow stuff? Gas music from Jupiter? (Got a nice beat but it makes my tentacles spasm.) Original music? What else? Anything you do is your property, your creation and copyright, original to you and yours to do with anyway you want in addition to inclusion in the wiki-book. The book is the starting point for whatever additional material you want to contribute. I’ll be sole arbiter on inclusion but doubt I’d say no to anything but erotica or pron. I won’t edit, I won’t suggest, what you do is yours and yours alone.

I’d like to put it all together and get it out there on iTunes and any other place I can find. For free? For a small amount to be donated to charity? How do we decide which charity?

In the coming days I’ll put the first draft up on my website in pdf form so you can download and look it over. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Ad astra, or at least to the oceans of Europa.



1. Martha Skye Martin - March 7, 2010

But I love pron!


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