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The Name of the Game Named March 3, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in westerns, writing.

Twenty-seven entries. Well, 28. Here’s the list and the winner(s) at the bottom. There were some that I was really taken with. Thane, Dutch, Tack and Miles are dandy first names. Ross Welles is an interesting combination and Jack Austin is an undeniable Western-writer name. Again, here is the list. After the list is the winner(s).

Custodio Morales submitted by Charles Vane
Tack McMasters

Rake Robins Martha Martin
Roy Riley
Dusty Duran
Stanley Steins
Monticello Nutt
Miles Mogollon
Graham Golden
Bob Bernardo
Clayton Colfax
Robert S. Martin
Rob Smartin

N. Robert Holder Nancy Holder

Manny Varios Alva Svoboda

Jake Rowling TJ Cardella
R.V. Ratiga

Rafe Deming Kimberly Warner
Matt Tularosa (or Tularose)
Thane Cimarron
Ross Welles

Roberto Vamoos Amanda Capper
Ricardo Venezuala

Jack Austin Ed Dravecky
Brett Parker
John Estancia
Dutch Roberts

All of you will get mentioned in the acknowledgment to Sonora Noose. But the prize was use of your name in the book, your choice of white hat or black. I really liked Kimberly and Ed’s overall choices, so they get the nod.

But wait, who won *won*? Faith Black did with the name Jackson Lowry. Faith is my editor (and things are moving along fast–she just asked yesterday for a couple potential scenes to use as cover illustration. I sent her the suggestion of a man with a serape over his shoulder standing on the gallows, noose dangling in front of him. The 2nd was a marshal’s star in the dust with the shadow of a noose around it. I suspect the art dept will pick something else…)

Kim, Ed, contact me through my website e-mail address or in comment if you don’t mind it being public about 1) the name you want used in the book (yours or …?) 2) the type of character 3) physical description. Sonora Noose is about a marshal tracking down a vicious gang of robbers in southern New Mexico circa 1880. Soldiers, scouts, deputies, townspeople (and all associated trades), Apaches, bandidos–lot of latitude with your choice. If you want something else, let me know and we’ll see what can be agreed upon.

Thanks to all of you. I’ve had a lot of fun with this. And tomorrow will be something completely different, as Monty Python might say.



1. Ed Dravecky - March 3, 2010

O happy day! I’d love it if you’d use my name, you can see plenty of pics of me on my Facebook page for a detailed physical description, and I’ll take a white hat since there aren’t nearly enough six-foot tall bearded fat *good* guys in Western fiction. Of course, if the character has to die, all I ask is that the death be interesting. Thanks!

2. kimberlywarner - March 3, 2010

Aw shucks… *blush*

My name’s pretty boring, so use it or not – middle name is Marie and that’s not much better. Ed’s is SO much cooler. 🙂 Perhaps I should try coming up with a few female names… Rosalie Dunn. Hannah Montan- no, never mind. Rose Tucker. Amanda Cole. Author’s choice!

Not many female engineers in ye ol’ West… Hmmm… Intelligent, average-cute woman who hasn’t had much luck with men – does that make me the town librarian?!? LOL

If you need more info you can contact me through LongRidge… 😉

3. mayan end of the world - March 28, 2010

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