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Name that Name (part 2) February 28, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in writing.

A while back I asked for suggestions for a new Western pen name to put on the forthcoming novel, Sonora Noose. Time’s a’wastin’! The name has to go into the contract and, greedy me, the sooner I sign the contract, the sooner I get paid. Here are the current entries, some serious, some, uh, otherwise. But thank you all. The winner gets a character in the novel and the rest acknowledgment (the winner decided by me, the winner’s suggestion not necessarily the actual new pen name but the name of those submitted I like best).

I will close this competition on Tuesday night and announce the new name (and winner) on Wednesday.

Custodio Morales submitted by Charles Vane

Rake Robins Martha Martin
Roy Riley
Dusty Duran
Stanley Steins
Monticello Nutt
Miles Mogollon
Graham Golden
Bob Bernardo
Clayton Colfax
Robert S. Martin
Rob Smartin

N. Robert Holder Nancy Holder




1. alvasvoboda - February 28, 2010

Manny Varios

2. Charles Vane - February 28, 2010

Okay, one more: Tack McMasters

3. TJ Cardella - February 28, 2010

Jake Rowling. It sounds lucky…

R.V. Ratigan

4. kimberlywarner - February 28, 2010

Had to throw a few pen names into the contest corral myself:

Rafe Deming
Matt Tularosa (or Tularose)
Thane Cimarron
Ross Welles 🙂

5. Amanda - March 1, 2010

it’s not easy coming up with a serious name…

Roberto Vamoos
Ricardo Venezuala

and those are the serious ones.

6. Ed Dravecky - March 1, 2010

Jack Austin

Brett Parker

John Estancia

Dutch Roberts (okay, I know that Varde is a Danish town, not a Dutch one, but “Danish Roberts” sounds more like a dessert than a western writer.)

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