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39 Days? Sign me up! February 27, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in science, space, writing.

I came across this tidbit while I was going through the stacks of stuff on the computer, virtually speaking.

Go, MIT guy! This is the way to reach Mars. None of that stay in space until your eyebrows fry from radiation stuff. Get in, get out–fast.

A bit of speculation about Spaceport USA. Our governor is more than a lame duck. He might also be a jailbird after some of his investment shenanigans surface, but if he dodges all that, what’s a guy gonna do for a living when he’s been snubbed by Washington and other political offices are out of the question? The answer: run Spaceport America for Sir Richard Branson. Since Branson is richer than the state of New Mexico, he can afford to hire our soon to be former governor and keep going for a few years, at least, until milked dry. Sir Richard and Senor Bill. Quite a team.

On other fronts, Golden Reflections is nearing the point where it gets sent to Baen Books. Any day now, actually. Joan and I are making last (gasp) passes through it to pick up any small errors. But fear naught, gentle readers, I am working on co-editing yet another anthology. More on that in a while.

The manuscripts are all edited for the weekend, leaving me free tomorrow to work on “Terror Moon,” the audio western. I’ve only got a couple days I can work on this before I have to get cracking on another book, due April 1.

And tomorrow will be a roundup of pen names for the “name the western writer guy” contest. This might have to be ended soon since the name has to be put onto the contract. But thanks to all who have contributed so far–and there’s still time. Just remember, as much as I’d like to use them, Lewis L’amour and Elmer Kilton are probably not good choices.



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