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Wheels Turn Slowly February 25, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in conventions, fantasy, VIPub, writing.

I’ve realized a long time ago that my abilities when it comes to things artistic are, well, slimmer than none. Before heading to the Arizona Ren Faire next month, I worked on getting a chapbook out for an autographing session. I already have copies of Ogre Castle in hand so this way I’d have a professionally done fantasy novel and a specially produced chapbook slanted at the market. But PhotoShop. I worked and worked on the cover and all I could produce showed up as completely black when uploaded to Blurb.com. Finally eschewing this tongue-chewing complexity, I went simple with this as the basic cover art:

The lettering was done by the Blurb.com program. And then I spent two more days fighting with Word, trying to make it keep full justification and failing. I finally went through the uploaded file page by page, and still for whatever reason, a single space appeared at the end of the line at the bottom–can you say OCD? I went through and manually changed that, too. I hope the result is hokey-dokey “A Time for Steel” was originally printed in Jean Rabe and Andre Norton’s anthology Renaissance Faire back in ‘05 and has been one I’ve liked since then.

I spent another afternoon getting signed up at Blurb.com and (I think) making the chapbook available through their store. You might check it out and tell me what it looks like. Right now I just want to sit back and relax.

Or go work on that weird western audio play. There’s no escaping when I need to learn new technology (and the audio play has it–I’m using a script writing program called Final Draft. Finger crossed the learning curve isn’t as great as the past few days have shown that it can be in my case.)



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