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Friends and “Friends” February 23, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in conventions, e-books, education, science fiction, VIPub, writing.

Going along with the prior post about autographings came the notion of using social media as a surrogate (no, not the terrible movie with Bruce Willis!) to getting out there and pressing the flesh, sliding the pen, whatever.

As a way of reconnecting with old friends, things like Facebook and MySpace are incredible. On FB I’m finding a lot of folks I remember (or think I remember–it’s getting mighty old out there) from Irvin High School. I went there through the 10th grade and came to Elbow Turkey for the last two years at Manzano High. But as to promoting my books, I have a few fans but this is hardly going viral, certainly not as suggested by books like Crush It!

This has a lot of good advice but there has to be the trade off between spending 24/7 promoting yourself and actually, you know, producing something to promote. I am slowing down in my old age and not doing 10 books a year (only 6 last year, but I am doing more short fiction). But I am spending more time doing this blog, going online and, though hardly to Vaynerchuk’s level, finding places online to shmooze. I was, and probably still am in my grubby little heart, a sf fan. I miss going to as many cons as I once did, but time and money are huge factors, not to mention the added drain of a large chunk on college expenses.

So, can social media substitute for autographings? The feel is entirely different, though the time factor might be in the favor of FB and the like. F2F is not to be denied, but reaching a lot of people is better done online. But there are pitfalls. Google’s Buzz is apparently one huge one, but you know what I think about google.

This certainly gives good reason to stay home and write. But this
gives an age distribution for the various media. It is curious (to me, at least) but MySpace gives me better response than FB. Do I trend younger or something? Twitter I find useful for markets and the like but not social interaction.

No answers, I suppose, but are there ever? I’ll keep doing autographings, especially at cons and am thinking about trying the gaming stores when God of War is released. But online has to be a major way of getting out there…



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