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What A Wonderful (Virtual) World February 18, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in fantasy, inventions, science, sense of wonder, web & computers.

I can almost hear Louis Armstrong in the background. This was developed for gamers but imagine the other applications for it. How many old war movies have you seen where corporals with long sticks poke at panzer divisions or seamen move battleships on a flat map of the Bulge or Midway? More likely in the future this will look like something out of the Lensman series (remember the Z9M9Z, the Directrix?) with a 3-D version.

City planners are obvious users and how about setting up something like this for a city as a wiki? You see a pothole, you mark it. Want to monitor traffic flow? There it is. Have public input directly and you could keep up with snow removal (as if that is ever needed in these days of gorebal warming) or even to monitor water, electric and other use. A visual display could better allocate resources.

Architects could use this and probably already have some CAD equipment anyway. Great stuff.

And from a big screen like this, Gulliver it down to iPad size. With Internet connection, you can play any game online simply by opening up your tablet.

Great, visual, times we live in. Or will soon enough.



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