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Not The Word They Wanted February 17, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in sci-fi, sense of wonder, writing.

…or is it? I heard (!) an ad for a tinnitus drug they’re calling Quietus. While this can mean finish or period of inactivity, it can also mean “release from life.” Potent drug, if that’s what it does–and it would certainly put an end to annoying ringing in your ears.

Another ad that makes me wonder about how stupid people are–the radio ads for the census. A town’s got 100 students and hires 5 teachers. Why, if the population grew, they wouldn’t know how many teachers to hire without the census. Uh, really? Every 10 years is almost from 1st grade through hs graduation. There’s no other way of knowing how many teachers to hire over an almost complete elementary/secondary student lifetime? That explains a lot, I guess. And think of those poor 5 teachers who end up in a ghost town with no students. They have to show up every day, get paid but have no students. They just won’t know until the next census their town’s dried up and blown away.

Another census ad in a similar vein has to do with traffic lights. Nobody can tell how many stop lights are needed without that census. Really? Now that does explain a lot.

Bad press dept: Corollas might be recalled since there have been 14 power steering malfunctions in the last 5 years. The odds of me being eaten by a shark (in Albuquerque) are about the same as Corolla power steering problems. Nothing mechanical is 100% and this is carrying PR to the breaking point. Gas pedals sticking, that’s a design flaw. Power steering problems at this low failure rate, only a problem if you’re not Government Motors.

Keep the pen name suggestions coming. I’ll post the current ones in a day or two.

And today is Feb 16. Available today! Planet Stories has reprinted Piers Anthony’s Sos the Rope with a new introduction by yhos and a spiffy cover (no comment on the British edition cover!). Pick it up. Give it a read. You’ll like it.



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