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Homer Hickam’s Story February 14, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in science, sense of wonder, space, writing.

…and he’s sticking with it. Thought I would pass this along from the man who gave us October Sky (an anagram for Rocket Boys)

It’s always nice to see others, especially those who have done when I have only thought, look at the space program with such wide-eyed enthusiasm.

The US abandonment of the manned space program is probably for the best. There are plenty of men like Richard Branson, Paul Allen and Jeff Bezos with the money to get us back into space and maybe to the Moon. I am a firm believer that a breakthrough in engine design, whether it be ion or something else, is the real secret to reaching mars. None of this 16 month duration bs. Get us there in a reasonable time and radiation doesn’t matter (as much).

Here’s looking (up) at you, kid. And don’t blow yourself up.



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