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Crumbs (of White Food) February 13, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in death, food, gummint, writing.

One of the more peculiar dances, even weirder than the dance of the prairie chicken, comes when NM legislators have to pretend to care about spending taxpayer money that is no longer there. The governor has maybe more than 500 “assistants” who apparently pull down $100k+ each. I say apparently because he won’t tell anyone how many he has, what they are paid or, indeed what they do. FOIA requests are denied. There are a *lot* of PIOs (public information officers) in the governor’s office.

Revenues have fallen through the floor and are going even lower next FY–and this year alone we’re looking at a $1b deficit. Rather than trim even a dime off the bloated budget (I say dial back state government a year or two or five and clone that “restore point” where government outgo matches current revenue. Fire anyone hired since then and reduce the salaries of the ones left to the appropriate level. We weren’t hurting then, we are now.) For every penny shaved in reducing government size, they intend to raise four in taxes.

The latest one is making folks angry. Tax the food! Yes, tax food until the budget is balanced. Only they aren’t taxing all food, only “white” food. White bread,, white rice…white tortillas. Those are flour tortillas for the folks not in the SW. But not corn tortillas. Those wouldn’t be taxed. Pasta? Tax it! Mac & cheese? Tax it! Ramen noodles? Tax tax tax. The very items lower income people subsist on are the items being taxed. Not $5/loaf whole grain bread, mind you. No tax there. And on healthy foods. No taxes there. Of course, you have to buy into the notion that a government that squanders tax money on itself so egregiously has the smarts to decide what you should and shouldn’t eat. How rational is that? Even peanut butter is considered junk food under this proposal. (I remember when I was in college reading that you could get all the nutrition required on a diet of graham crackers and peanut butter, with a vitamin pill tossed in. I preferred my frijoles, rice and tortillas (the latter two white, alas))

Someone pointed out this penalizes those with diverticulitis since they have to eat low fiber meals–tax tax tax those low fibers!

In sad news, the inventor of the Frisbee died at age 90. His spirit, as per Frisbeeterianism, is now firmly lodged on his roof.

The next three days will be spent on the copyedited ms (all 450 pps of it) of God of War, so no new writing, alas.



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