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You Only Live Twice… February 10, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in sci-fi, VIPub, web & computers, writing.

…once in this world and again in Second Life. I’ll be taking part in a panel this evening (6PM PST) on copyright law and matters surrounding this thorny issue. I promise not to snarl and spit (much) if/when google is mentioned).

Move your avatar over to Wind River Territory

See you this evening.

I’ll be there, that is, unless something goes seriously wrong out at Kirtland AFB. Over 2000 nukes are stored there at the junction of the two main runaways at Albq Intl Airport (really) and the wing tasked with maintenance and security got decertified by the AF for, well, not being up to snuff, one would suppose. I’m not sure what this means if we need to use the devices–tomorrow?–but I wish I’d been able to sell a high-tech thriller The Weight of Fire dealing with stealing a device. Nobody thought a NNSA would be so lax as to *lose* a bomb, I guess. Now we hear the entire wing has been decertified for…something not being right.

But fear naught. Down south in Hatch, famous for their green chile, their city council voted 4-0 to allow a restaurant owner to put his 12 foot pink pig out on the highway to advertise his BBQ and espresso. Now that’s a combo that always hits the spot. Pork BBQ and espresso.

Unlike back East, we are not getting any gorebal warming piling up on our heads. Another ft of snow in NYC? Brrr. Since we are now being assured that earthquakes and tsunamis are caused by gorebal warming, the entire Eastern Seaboard is at risk.

About done with my story, “White Fur,” for the launch of the Chain Story in April. More details on this VIPub project later. You’ll like both the chain and my story.

Now we know why there is so much depression in the world. Candy.

I must get to tying up lots of loose ends. Keep those possible pen names coming. Got a raft of them in the comments under Name That Name post.



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