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Death Cat and other Oddities February 7, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in cats, fantasy, movies, sense of wonder.

I’ve seen this about the cat that “predicts” death a couple times in the past year. While I suppose you could rustle up a lot of stories about it, from being Satan’s spawn waiting to steal souls to some kind of Ghost Whisperer, those seem trite. Maybe the cat is like the Asphyx (a gigantically under-appreciated movie) and is the agent for the deaths?

More likely, the cat’s sense of smell is drawn by imminent death–who studies impending death scents? From the look of the cat, it’s overweight and probably not too good a hunter. It might be looking for food. If the attendants are too slow, yum yum.

Coast to Coast has lots of stories about animals sensing impending earthquakes. One guy says he knows an earthquake is on the way when the “pet lost” ads increase. I’d believe this more if it could be correlated to seismic activity since it is a “looking-back” indicator. How many times have lost pet ads increased and nothing has happened?

Still, the cat story is curious. But there’s likely a better explanation that psychic abilities on the cat’s part. Now, my cat, on the other hand…



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